Louise Herdman Mosaics

19 Taupo Quay, Whanganui


Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm and by arrangement.
If you're planning a special visit to Whanganui let me know in advance and I'll ensure the studio is open for you!
Phone 027 375 4715 or email me.


• Mosaic Art for Sale
• Mosaics Made for You
• Make Your Own Mosaics
• Intro to Mosaics classes


For those who already know the basics:
• Casual studio times available
• One-to-one tuition
• Glass cutting sessions
• 3D workshops
• Shoe workshops
• Tempered glass projects
Mosaics are about JOY... in the creating, at the finishing as the grout clears away, then again in all its glory on display. Each mosaic evolves through experimenting with different materials, colour, patterning, reflections and texture. The best mosaics are often created when the design evolves during the making – keep an eye out for those happy accidents!
I fell in love with the messy process of mosaics in 2002, and began teaching in 2006 to share the knowledge and skills around this exciting art form. In 2008 I set up a teaching studio in the Whanganui CBD in order to have more flexible teaching times and workshops that are centrally placed for everyone.
Be inspired to mosaic in your own way... that's the catch phrase around our studio. Choose your own project to enjoy. With over 19 years mosaic experience and 15 years teaching, I'd be glad to help.
Louise Herdman
Dip Art & Creativity (Hons)
Cert Adult Teaching

the joy of putting together broken pieces to make something beautiful

"We are not here to fit in... we are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky, chunky selves, to the great mosaic of being...”