Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am new to mosaics, will I learn enough to be able to mosaic at home later?
A. Yes, the 6 week classes or weekend workshop cover the basic skills you need.

Q. Do I need to buy tools before class?
A. No, there is a class set of tools, come and learn how to mosaic first.

Q. Do I get a choice of design to mosaic?
A. It is ALL about choice, you will be able to work with a design that you LOVE! There are over 40 mosaic books at the studio brimming with ideas. Or bring along that favourite photo, pattern, magazine clipping etc.

Q. Will I have to draw my own design?
A. No, we have a copier to enlarge, then we transfer your design to the base, no drawing skills needed.

Q. How often are classes or workshops held?
A. 6 week classes and Weekend Workshops are planned regularly. The studio is set up ready to go ANY time so you are welcome to book your own times for your own group.

Q. Is there more after I have done the basics?
A. Yes, other workshop sessions include glass cutting, garden spheres, 3 dimensional forms etc. You are welcome to continue attending regular classes to gradually build more skills. There are also regular studio times available, book a place and come along.

Q. I have a specific project I want to make in class, is that possible?
A. Yes, you will find that the course is flexible, contact Louise to discuss further.

You are always welcome to email me if you have further questions.